Freelance Photography

If you have an event, performance, game, recital, engagement, newborn baby, etc. that needs to be photographed, look no further.

22nd Street Imaging is available for any event. For samples of engagement photography, click here. For samples of general photography, click here.  

All pricing and quotes are provided upon request and vary based on the session. All sessions do include a private online gallery of the images taken during the shoot and all will include post-production color correction and editing for a previously agreed upon number of photographs. 

Please contact me here for more information or to request a quote! 

Freelance Videography

Film is an excellent medium to tell a story. And in today's fast-paced world with seemingly everyone who can access YouTube, film has become the norm. A carefully crafted short film for your event, production or business can mean the difference between blending in with the crowd or standing above the pack. 

22nd Street Imaging has the capabilities to produce any number of short films for you as an individual or a business. Whether you are creating a trailer for an upcoming theatrical production or capturing your proposal, I'd love to work with you to make something that will help you stand out above the fray. For samples of previous freelance projects, click here.

All pricing and quotes are provided upon request and vary from film to film. 

If you have an upcoming project, contact me and we'll create something that will truly capture your audience.